Just over 24 hours since former Philadelphia 76ers star Allen Iverson reportedly had a half a million dollars worth of jewelry taken from him, a suspect is in custody. It was reported by multiple news outlets that Iverson was the victim of a high-priced theft after someone described as being an early twenties, tall, thin-built man walked off with Iverson's backpack that was filled with his jewelry.

Michael Loccisano / Staff / Getty Images

A friend of Iverson's reportedly left the bag sitting in a chair inside of the lobby of the Sofitel Hotel. Surveillance footage shows someone walking up to the chair before he grabs the bag and calmly walks out. Philadelphia's ABC 6 Action News reports that the thief, 21-year-old Christopher Daniel, turned himself in to police on Tuesday. An image taken from a surveillance video circulated quickly through social media so it appears and Daniel decided to surrender himself and spare the further embarrassment of an online frenzy.

Daniel reportedly confessed to the police that he did, indeed, steal the bag of bling and reportedly returned all of the items. Although his specific charges have yet to be shared, Daniel will be facing a number of theft charges. Iverson is said to have been at the hotel at the time of the theft, however, he wasn't in the lobby area.