Allen Iverson was one of the most exciting players during his era and to this day, fans have a lot of love for the former 76ers star. Iverson was never able to win a championship but people love him anyway. Whenever Iverson speaks, people listen and his opinion is held in high regard. Recently, Complex had Iverson on their new podcast "Load Management," where he spoke about his top-five NBA players of all time. 

When it comes to NBA debates, figuring out the top-five all-time can be quite contentious especially when you consider how people typically go by their personal preference as opposed to stats. The majority of the players on this list made quite a bit of sense but there was one that had some scratching their heads.

As he explains in the clip above, LeBron James, Shaq, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and even Steph Curry would be his top-five. Curry seemed to be the one people were surprised about especially since he is still in the middle of his career. Iverson quickly backed up his points by saying he is the best shooter the game has seen and that he should be respected as such.

What do you think of Iverson's top-five? Does it make sense or is he way off here? Let us know in the comments below.