Allen Iverson was one of the most fun players to watch of all-time and it's safe to say that the fans miss seeing him out on the court. Every single game, you could expect AI to do something great and while he never won a chip, there is no denying he was one of the all-time greats.

Recently, Iverson appeared on the All The Smoke podcast where he spoke to Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson about a plethora of topics. At one point, the guys asked Iverson to name his NBA Mount Rushmore. While this is typically four players, AI decided to shine a light on five players who are certainly legendary for different reasons. 

“My favorite is always going to be Mike, you know what I mean,” Iverson said. “Kobe, you know what I mean, my one and two. And LeBron, you know what I mean, so great…I got Bron No. 3. Kobe is the closest thing to me to Mike. And then LeBron is just hands down LeBron James. He’s in a class by himself. And then, you know, Shaq and I just, ya’ll know how I feel about Stephen Curry.”

This is certainly a great list of players although it will certainly lead to quite a bit of debate. Having said that, give us your top five players of all-time, in the comments below.