Allen Iverson is a Philadelphia sports icon and one of the most universally beloved athletes of all-time. He was a highly influential player that will forever be considered one of the best to step on the court, even if he never got to win a championship ring. Recently, Iverson was Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson's podcast "All The Smoke" where they got to speak on a plethora of topics. Aside from his harsh words directed at a member of the sports media, Iverson also got to speak about his infamous "practice" rant which went viral before that was even a thing on the internet.

As he explained in the clip below, the rant was given during a moment of stress and frustration. At the time, Iverson was dealing with the death of a friend, while trade rumors swirled around him. Not to mention, the 76ers had just been eliminated in the first round of the 2002 NBA playoffs, just a year after going to the NBA Finals. Needless to say, Iverson was annoyed with the media, especially those who kept asking about his practice situation.

Following the infamous rant, Iverson didn't find it funny and it's easy to see why when you consider the tragic circumstances behind it all. 

Regardless, this press conference will always be remembered for the soundbites it produced.