Entertainment tabloids have a habit of reporting first and asking questions later. Most of the time, their "journalism" goes without consequence. As long as "sources say," magazines will publish. Today, however, TMZ reports that In Touch may have a legal battle on their hands. According to recent reports by the magazine and other Bauer Media Group affiliates, Reality TV star Casey Cohen of "Princesses: Long Island" fame was having an affair with Jay-Z while the rapper was in NYC earlier this year. Now, Cohen is retorting along with her lawyer with a cease and desist.

According to Cohen, her and Jay-Z "have never been in love or intimate." She's also dismissing all the Bauer articles as "a foul and phony mistress-rumor." According to terms, Cohen demands that Bauer issue a public apology to her, Jay Z, and Beyonce, as well as remove all posts about her from the Internet.

Cohen does admit to having met Jay Z and Beyonce several times — but only through her job working as a VIP hostess in New York City.

Bauer Media Group has yet to respond.