Allan Kingdom Feat. Denzel Curry "The Fusion" Video

Danny Schwartz
May 10, 2017 11:59

PREMIERE: Allan Kingdom conducts a nefarious chemical experiment in his new music video "The Fusion."

Walter White. Doc Brown. Allan Kingdom?

In his new music video "The Fusion,"Kingdom dons the laboratory coat of a mad chemist and descends to his subterranean lair to conduct a mysterious and probably nefarious experiment.

Kingdom's lab is filled with beakers, Erlenmeyer Flasks, and an ominous green mist. Suddenly, Denzel Curry materializes, magnifying glass in hand, and lays down a caldera-hot verse laced with his signature triplet flow. "Put it together, now we atomic / Spread through the air like bubonic."

Kingdom completes his experiment at the end of the video; it is more twisted than we could have imagined. EGAD.

Watch "The Fusion" and listen to Kingdom's new album Lines.

Video directed by @thelifeofyash.

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