Fall is here, which means lines should probably be forming at your local Apple store right now in anticipation for the impending iPhone 8 announcement. Rumors have been flying around the internet (some more plausible than others), so we’ve put together a shortlist of some of the more promising and ridiculous possibilities.

1. The iPhone 8 will have wireless charging

This one isn’t too far-fetched, since Apple is already ditching the wires on your headphones. Other phones have had this feature for a while, so it isn’t some technological marvel to pull off. The craziest version of this rumor is that wireless charging will work further away than just sitting on a charging pad – even charging devices across an entire room.

2. It Will Have a Curved Screen

Curved screens have already come to TVs and Samsung devices, and let’s not forget the inadvertent curving that happened when the iPhone 6 released. No word if the curved screen will have an effect on the usability of the phone, but hey, it’s a new feature, right?

3. The Home Button Will Be Gone

The home button is key feature of the iPhone, so it won’t be going away entirely. Instead, rumors say it will be replaced by a digital version so the screen can take up more of the phone’s real estate.

4. The Screen Will Be OLED

This is also a fairly believable rumor. OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology already exists in Apple Watches provide better color contrast and brightness than the current LED technology without requiring a backlit screen. Just more ammo for Apple to make your phone even thinner.

5. There Will Be Eye & Face-Scanning Technology

On the more futuristic side of things, Apple is rumored to be taking their fingerprint technology to the next level. A leak from a Chinese chip manufacturer sparked rumors that the new iPhone will have iris-scanning technology, allowing you to unlock your phone just by looking at the camera. Just one step away from the eyeballing-snatching practices of “Minority Report.”

6. Apple Will Offer 3 Models To Choose From

Introducing a 3rd tier of phone to for consumers is a reasonable proposition for Apple, who have already done multi-tiered launches – first with the C line and then with the Plus models. No word on the potential differences between the phone models.

What are you hoping for in the iPhone 8? Or are you abandoning the Apple ship for Android?

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