All Saints are currently back on tour and promoting their string of concerts. During one of their interviews, they were asked to comment on the issue of sexism in the music industry. Their fellow British female group, Little Mix, had recently brought up the subject. The members of All Saints seemed to relate to Little Mix's stance and described how their own experiences in the music business have been punctuated with similar challenges. A clip of their interview is available after the jump.

The young formation known as Little Mix have expressed their disappointment and anger towards their higher-ups who push them to flirt their way to the top. They have been encouraged to use their assumed seductive powers to gain radio play, for example. Their mature counterparts validated this concern. They recount how they were "told to shmooze in America as well, but we couldn't do it."

The women laughed at the thought of their engaging in this type of seduction saying it would have been "unnatural" for them. Their brand was built on a more masculine edge after all. Their fashion was based on "comfortability" as they mostly donned loose-fitting close. Regardless of their apparent modesty, All Saints were still subjected to the same kind of expectations and inappropriate treatment as their younger counterparts, Little Mix.

Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images