Kendrick Lamarcontinues to dominate the streaming era. Kung-Fu Kenny has officially joined the likes of Drake, Ed Sheeran, and The Weeknd as one of the few artists to land their entire album on Billboard's Hot 100 charts. While not every track has racked up the same play count, each song off DAMN. is present and accounted for, including the intro. The songs are currently positioned as follows:

“HUMBLE” is No. 1
“DNA” is No. 4
“LOYALTY” is No. 14
“ELEMENT” is No. 16
“LOVE” is No. 18
“YAH” is No. 32
“XXX” is No. 33
“FEEL” is No. 35
“PRIDE” is No. 37
“LUST” is No. 42
“FEAR” is No. 50
“BLOOD” is No. 54
“GOD” is No. 58
“DUCKWORTH” is No. 63

It's interesting to note where each song ended up charting. The positions are hardly reflective of the tracklist, and while the album is clearly being played front to back, the deviations in sequence give us a indication toward the popular consensus. Still, one has to wonder if the fact that "Duckworth" is the album closer has led to its low placement. Hip-hop heads recognize it as a standout cut, and it's a shame that the 9th Wonder epic isn't getting the shine it deserves.