Alicia Keys went incognito as a Lyft Driver named Laura in Los Angeles last week, concealing her real identity with a hat and sunglasses all the while dropping mad hints about who she really is.

The Grammys host picked up a number of passengers through the ridesharing app and began driving them to their destination. She asked all of them where they're from and proceeded to inform each of them that she had just moved to LA from the Big Apple. This topic provided the perfect segway for the New York City native to casually quote various lyrics from her NYC anthem with Jay-Z, "Empire State of Mind." She proceeds to namedrop titles of her other hits such as "No One" and "Fallin,'" but it takes some longer than others to catch on. Eventually, her identity is revealed, much to the joy of the unaware participants. 

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

At the end of the segment, it is revealed that the prank was a promotional effort for LyftUp, a program that lets you round up and donate your ride payment to the nearest dollar and support a worthy organization of your choice. Alicia recently announced that she'll be releasing her seventh studio album, A.L.I.C.I.A., next month on March 20th.