Showtime's, Desus & Mero, has had one of the most successful late-night talk show runs in the premium channel network's history. The two Bronx-bred media personalities have been granted the opportunity to sit down and converse with some of the most relevant figures in entertainment and politics like Ice Cube, Bernie Sanders, Jordan Peele, and more. The Bronx brethren even utilized their to debut the first-ever television performance on Lil Nas X's record-breaking hit, "Old Town Road."  On a recent episode of the show, Desus Nice and The Kid Mero took Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez back to her BX roots and allowed her to exercise her bartending skills for them. 

During the seven-minute segment AOC, Desus, and Mero arrive from the Parkchester Subway Station in the Bronx and head to their local bodega for the highly-popularized bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich. The trio then took to the notorious New York borough by foot in their wheat Timbs and greeted their supporters with open arms. Then finally, Ocasio-Cortez displayed her bartending skills for the number one show on late night as an ode to her haters that so vehemently suggest that 'she go back to bartending.'

The upcoming politician prepared two margaritas and invented a new drink adding Hennessey to the classic Shirley Temple to which they formally named the beverage the Henny-Temple. Lastly, the group hit up a local taco spot to soak up their AOC-made alcoholic beverages before parting ways. Check out Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez take a shot at her haters on the "Bronx Legends" segment of the Desus & Mero show in the video provided below.