Alex Tumay is one of the industry's heavy hitters when it comes to engineering. The 30-year-old Queens native has worked with everyone from Travis Scott, to working on 21 Savage's Savage Mode, “The most punk-style music being made right now is Atlanta trap,” said Tumay in an interview with Genius. But perhaps he is most known for his work with Young Thug and being one of the few technicians who Thug intrust with crating and mastering his sound. He is now helping the artist on his latest singing project, Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls, a singing album that will be executive produced by Drake.

The two first worked together some four years ago. Thug kicked six engineers out of a studio session before Tumay helped him lay a track in a matter of minutes. With the depth and intricacies involved with Young Thug's autotunes and vocals, a quick mix is no easy task. “I’m a facilitator," Tumay told Genius about how he views his role, "I hear what they want and translate it into my terms and make it happen as fast as I can, without slowing things down or ruining anything, making it worse.”

Tumay also described how he felt about Thug's singing, describing it as a "romantic element more than the melodic element.”  Tumay explained that, “because he’s always melodic, even in his harder songs. ‘Danny Glover’ has some of the greatest melodies of all time.” But it's not just Thug's melodies that move Yumay, but bars as well. One night Tumay watched Thug spit 24 bars in which he “sounded like Kendrick [Lamar]” the first half of the rhyme.

Recently there were rumors swirling that the upcoming album was merely a ruse, Tumay dispelled those rumors and said the project is in the works, as perfection and quality are the ultimate goal.