Roughly a week after revealing his diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer, Jeopardy host Alex Trebek has returned to shooting episodes for the long-running series. Trebek announced the apparition of stage 4 cancer via Jeopardy's YouTube channel before anyone in the press risked mangling the message in passing.

Ben Hider/Getty Images

As CNN is reporting, Trebek resumed filming at the Sony Pictures lot in Culver City, California where the series is routinely shot. "We are taping today, and Alex is here and behind his lectern as scheduled," a spokesperson for the quiz show announced yesterday.

Although Jeopardy airs five days a week, without fail, it's episodes are normally filmed in batches, occurring twice per week in bunches, to ensure that staffers get a cozy weekend slide. Repeat winners are asked to provide their own change of clothes since the wardrobe department on Quiz shows doesn't normally allow for much experimentation. In jeopardy's case, Trebek's immaculate supply of suits is very seldom upstaged by the featured talent.

Trebek has every intention of fighting his Pancreatic Cancer diagnosis head-on, whilst maintaining his workload as the host of Jeopardy. Back in 2017, Trebek took the rare sabbatical in order to deal with a subdural hematoma he had surgically removed. As you'll note, his contract with Jeopardy was recently renewed through 2022. "Keep faith and we'll win," Trebek told his fans in the aforementioned YouTube message. "We'll get it done. Thank you." And with that, everyone is bidding Trebek all the power and courage in the world, bereft of all the composure he already boasts in spades.