CNBC has announced that retired slugger Alex Rodriguez will be the host of a new reality tv show featuring ex-athletes who are faced with financial troubles after retiring from their respective sports.

According to ESPN, the show's working title is "Back in the Game" and will be co-produced by another former New York sports icon, Michael Strahan.

The pilot episode of "Back in the Game," according to a CNBC press release, will pair former athletes in "serious financial distress" with money-savvy mentors who can help them get back on their feet.

Per the New York Daily News:

"It's a story we hear all too often. A pro athlete heads into retirement, only to find themselves in financial free-fall. With no more games to play or big paychecks to cash, the future can often look bleak to those athletes struggling to adjust and adapt," reads the pilot's synopsis, according to the release.

A-Rod, who is owed $20 million in 2017, will still remain with the Yankees organization as a team advisor in the upcoming season.