Alex Rodriguez made his inaugural appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, and used his televised interview to speak about his highly-publicized romance with mogul and entertainer Jennifer Lopez.

When initially describing how the two first met, the former Yankee admits that their chance meeting was the "luckiest day of my life."

Rodriguez continues to paint the scenario in vivid detail. "I’m walking outside and I forget where I park my car. I have no idea," until all-of-a-sudden "someone taps me on my shoulder, and I turn around and I do not recognize this person. And it’s Jennifer, but she’s dressed up as Harlee from Shades of Blue, and she's in her jeans and her big boots. And it took me about 4 or 5 seconds. And she says ‘Jennifer. It's Jennifer.’ And I said 'Oh my God, Jennifer, you look beautiful.' I was so embarrassed and then I got a little nervous."

After their brief verbal exchange, Lopez informed Rodriguez "you have my number, reach out," which he did later on that night. 

However, Ellen DeGeneres was a little skeptical about Rodriguez's narrative, claiming that Lopez had a different recollection of their first encounter when she was a guest on the show back in April of 2017. Rodriguez then FaceTimed his famous girlfriend to set the record straight, who corroborated the succession of events. 

Here's is Lopez's account, which definitely supports the story Rodriguez told DeGeneres.