Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez invested in Hims & Hers earlier this year before splitting up. Although their relationship is over, A Rod is still committed to the business venture. The legendary athlete is now helping the company push its makeup line for men. 

"Working with the Hims & Hers team, I wanted to create a product that solved an issue I faced every day," wrote A Rod on Instagram. "I realized as I was jumping from meeting to meeting, I needed something quick and easy in my routine to conceal blemishes or razor bumps." In the picture, you can see that A Rod is wearing the makeup.

"That’s why I am excited to share a new @Hims product - The Blur Stick. It’s a convenient concealer specifically designed for men that can be used for skin imperfections," he continued. "Check it out, I think you’ll be surprised how often it comes in handy." Hims has gained popularity in the last few years for selling beauty, sex, and mental health items for Men. Getting A Rod to push their makeup line is certainly a big move.

This is just another major business move by A Rod, who recently became an owner of the Timberwolves