Ever since they announced their split, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been doing their best at occupying their times. Lopez was immediately spotted with ex-fiancé Ben Affleck as they traveled together while A-Rod has been promoting his latest business venture, a men's makeup line. It does seem that the romance between Lopez and Rodriguez has come to a final end without the possibility of reconciliation, and some are blaming it all on the recent scandal regarding Rodriguez allegedly sliding into the DMs of a reality star.

Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy allegedly told her Bravo co-stars that Rodriguez was a bit flirty in her direct messages while he was in a relationship with Lopez. The baseball great may have a thing for blonde-haired, blue-eyed women because Belinda Russell, the Australian host of Today Extra, shared that she, too, awoke to a DM from Rodriguez.


Belinda's co-host brought up the DMs while on-air and they even shared a screenshot that showed Lopez's ex telling her she has a "great feed!!" The co-host wanted to know if A-Rod was trying to flirt, but Belinda, who is happily married, didn't think so. Rodriguez has been ridiculed for continuing to hit up those DMs even with a similar scandal on his heels, but many argue that he's now a single man and can do what he wants.

Check out the clip of Today Extra below and see the content that Alex Rodriguez thinks is "great."