Despite what designers might want you to think, the fashion world isn’t really that original. Everybody tries to ride the wave that one brand or designer started, and it tends to work. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t get to call out when someone is a little bit too suspect with their “inspiration.” This new Aldo sneaker is a perfect example of that.

In case it’s not glaringly obvious (it is), the Aldo Alalisien is a copycat of the AdidasYeezy Boost 750. It’s got the same high top look combined with the extra fat forefoot strap, and even comes in the same colorways. However, it doesn’t have the side zipper like the Yeezys, and doesn’t feature the ribbed sole either. It even differentiates itself with extra long laces. In that respect, it isn’t quite as egregious as the Zara version that dropped earlier this year.

Retailing for only $125, it’s a pretty smart move for the footwear brand. You won’t impress any hypebeasts, but if you’re going for the Kanye look and don’t wanna drop a rack on one outfit, this is a good place to start. Better hurry though, the grey sizes are almost gone already.