The Alchemist is looking to make an impression on the month of October, much to the delight of hip-hop fans worldwide. Having already lined up a few projects, including the mysterious The Food Villian arriving on October 25th, Al has officially kicked off the rollout for another new project, the intruigingly-titled A Doctor, A Painter, And An Alchemist Walk Into A Bar, set to drop on October 2nd. 

Though the details surrounding this one are certainly scarce, it does appear that a bigger picture is being painted. In a substantial post on his Instagram page, Alc confirmed that the project would be arriving complete with a full album installation at Over The Influence, a Contemporary Art Gallery in Los Angeles. "OTI is excited to host the album installation "A doctor, a painter and an alchemist walk into a bar" a collaboration between DRx Romanelli, Spencer Lewis, and Alchemist," announces the OTI IG page. "DRx Romanelli will be taking over our Live stories on 30 September and 01 October in the lead up to the private event on 02 October 2020."

And there you have it -- the Doctor, the Painter, and the Alchemist revealed. On Alc's end, he previews a truly sinister-sounding banger that serves as a promising sign of what's to come. From the look of it, there appears to be a limited vinyl press run, which comes complete with some vivid all-yellow album art. There also seems to be an art book, though details surrounding that have no been made widely available at the moment. Interested parties can, however, check out the preview below.