With Action Bronson's album Blue Chips 700 going through some delay drama, fans of Bronsolino have surely been feeling a little discouraged. However, there is a silver lining after all. Frequent Bronson collaborator and respected producer Alchemist has taken to social media to share a preview of an upcoming track featuring Bronson and Big Body Bes. 

Honestly, the preview is the musical equivalent to the infamous "trailer for a trailer" trend that's been surrounding the more hyped films, but at least it's something. Alc puts the record on, and a soulful vocal sample fills the air. It's clear from the jump that Action will find himself right at home over this one, and while the clip stops before any rapping kicks in, it's enough to give a sense of the overall direction.

The track, allegedly titled "Brother Jedidiah," should be dropping soon.