What are you supposed to do if you're stuck on a nine-hour flight from France and you also happen to be one of the premier beat makes of the 2000's? Well, you'd probably do what Alchemist is doing right now, answering even the most banal of questions in his nine-hour Twitter Q&A session.

Since it began around five hours ago, at the time of writing, Alchemist has answered plenty of questions, though plenty of them he's simply responded with a joke or a non-sequitur. However, he has been offering some good advice for producers, as well as speaking on the processes behind how some of his tracks got made.

For instance, Alchemist says that if you want to make a sample unrecognizable, you need to "mince them," almost as you would an onion. He also mentions that he was, in fact, rewarded "handsomely" for his work on Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III, and that Raekwon supposedly climbed a tree in order to write his verse for Ghostface Killah's "The Forest." Though it isn't certain how accurate that story really is, it's funny enough that one could convince themselves of its truth.

While Alchemist has continued to produce for rappers such as Action Bronson and Earl Sweatshirt, he also stars in Bronson's food adventure show, F*ck That's Delicious on Viceland. If you ever wanted to ask him anything at all, now is your chance, before his plane lands. Check out some highlights from Alchemist's Twitter Q&A down below.