Whether we like it or not, our minds begin becoming more and more susceptible to believing in the supernatural whenever Halloween comes near. While prevailing theories regarding the afterlife of some of our favorite emcees still burn year-round, the flame burns with even more heat the closer Hallow’s eve approaches on our calendar.

For hip hop fans, it's a time for reflection on some of our "local haunts" so to speak. Sure, some of our favorites have been lost over the years, though it doesn't mean the death of their music. Whether you believe in ghosts or not (or in the case of Tupac, you might not even believe in death at all), time has been proven that the mortal coil of an artist does not limit their music from beyond the grave.

If you’re one of those fans hopelessly holding out for the triumphant resurrections of some of your fallen hip hop heroes, you can find solace in the fact that their posthumous releases are welcomed additions to their regular discographies. So, light your candles and set up your ouija board. It’s time for us to honor the fallen and countdown albums from the other side.