Ariana Grande's latest tour kicks off tonight and begins in Albany, New York where the city's radio station, Kiss 102.3 has dedicated the whole entire day to Ariana's catalog, temporarily changing the station's name to "Ari 102.3."

Ariana will be performing at the Times Union Center and the show kicks off at 8 PM. The "7 Rings" singer has been sharing updates of her rehearsal sessions on Twitter, getting her fans even more excited with some behind the scenes snippets of what she'll be offering on the big stage. 

"We been working so hard everybody over here. i’m so proud of everyone and overwhelmed. i don’t think roshad has slept in a week. we’re almost there.... i love u all and can’t wait to see and share this with u," she wrote. 

“I don’t want to do what people tell me to do, I don’t want to conform to the pop star agenda. I want to do it on my own terms from now on. If I want to tour two albums at once, I’m going to tour two albums at once," Ariana previously told Billboard.

"If I want to drop a third album while I’m on tour [in 2019], I’ll do that too! Please. [“Thank U, Next” production duo] Social House is my opening act -- you don’t think we’re going to have a studio on the bus? That we’re not going to be making records on the road? Of course we are. I want to be able to do what is authentic and honest and natural. It’s the only way that I’ve been able to survive.”