The world of COVID-19 has exposed some of our leaders as imbeciles. Del Marsh, who is a Republican member of the Alabama senate, revealed to reporters that he would like more people to get the virus. His logic behind the madness? Marsh firmly believes that more cases will help drive up immunity. 

"I'm not as concerned as much with the number of cases," Marsh stated to reporters. "In fact, quite honestly, I wanna see more people because we start reaching an immunity if more people have it and get through it. I don't want any deaths, as few as possible in the state." He does take a moment to highlight those who are high-risk, but ends with a nonchalant rebuttal. "So those people who are susceptible to the disease, especially those with preexisting conditions and the elderly population, those folks we do all we can to protect them. But I'm not concerned."

The immunity argument is weak, to say the least. Leading medical expert Dr. Fauci has already warned the public against relying on immunity. Also, a new study in Spain has made the herd immunity discussion seem more complicated than we make it seem. Alabama has added over 9,000 cases in the last week.