It seems Akon is taking notes from Tyrese's playbook. Back in December, we reported on Tyrese running into a bit of trouble after his SUV was stolen right out of his driveway. He reportedly left the key FOB inside, making it easy for thieves to just drive the Range Rover off of the actor's property. The vehicle was quickly found and Tyrese shared on social media that he planned on bailing the car thieves out of jail because they were just trying to make money.

Last week, Akon fell victim to vehicle theft, as well, while he was reportedly at a gas station. He left his car running and according to reports, someone hopped in and took off. 

Akon, Tyrese, Car Theft, Range Rover
Kate Green / Stringer / Getty Images

Much like Tyrese's case, Akon's Range Rover was quickly located, and on Monday (May 31), The Shade Room reported that they spoke with a "source" close to Akon who confirmed that the mogul didn't plan on pressing charges. “That was him before he was blessed with this success so he understands the struggle," the source reportedly stated.

"He doesn’t plan to press charges so he hopes they take that as a second chance to focus on a more positive approach to getting out the hood and make use of the time they have out of jail to better their lives.” Would you press charges if someone took off with your car?

Listen to Akon's 911 call below.