Jay Z’s new partnership wit the National Football League has sparked a lot of controversy amongst the public over the past week or two. Athletes such as Panthers safety Eric Reid and Kenny Stills of the Miami Dolphins have been critical of Jay's deal, meanwhile rappers like Vic Mensa, Cardi B & Killer Mike have all thought the opposite and believe Hov will do good for Kaepernick and the black community. Well it looks like Akon is joining the opinion of his fellow artists and believes somebody needs to be leader in this situation. He told AllHipHop in a new interview that he thinks the move will allow for more likeminded individuals to be in positions of power.

"So the move that Jay's making to be a part of the NFL does two things, I think it does two things for us. One, it puts one of us inside. Cause you can't make no changes unless you're inside," said Akon. "Now granted he's going to be like a Democrat in the Republican house, but at least there's a voice, and one voice eventually will turn into two, three, four, five, and so on. It's still going to take time for changes to be made.”

He added, "Now we've got somebody in there that we didn't actually lean on to say 'bro.' And he knows issues. Jay's not stupid. N*gga ain't get this far by not knowing what's going on, and he knows it will probably be some potential backlash, but that backlash is worth it for the voice of everybody. Because in the long run, at least now we got an anchor."

"But we do it together, and I guarantee you, Jay will go in there and have more power than everybody expected. He better make moves for everybody out there. But we all gotta allow somebody to take the lead. We can't be jealous, somebody has to lead.”