Akon was recently ordered to fork over $164,786.99 in unpaid lease payments and whether he's paid up or not, he's already talking about his next big move - hypothetically, of course. 

Paparazzi caught up with the "Lonely" singer where he spoke about debating with President Donald Trump and how he could probably school him on a few topics. He's seemingly been thinking about this for some time because he seemed very prepared to talk about the topic and even had his Vice President lined up - again, hypothetically.  

"If I was to run for President I would actually ask [Mark Zuckerberg] to be my running man," he says in the video below. "Cuz I think sometimes it takes people from the outside to really see life differently, to make differences." 

He adds that Donald has been making a "huge difference" but not in a positive way. "I think Trump would have been a great president if he made decisions for the people," he explains. "If he was as passionate as he is for his own interests as he is for the people, oh he would have made an amazing president."

Speaking of Trump, Stacey Dash (who is running for Congress in California) recently supported his notions about Charlottesville protests.