Akon is of the opinion that social issues in our modern age, are often-times overly bloated. Take his recent conversation with TMZ as an exception or an example if you will. If the decision went down to the wire, with a choice to either boycott the NFL in support of Colin Kaepernick, or perform the Halftime show during the Super Bowl, Akon would pick the latter - but not because he lacks in compassion for the social causes of Black Americans.

When asked to touch on the delicate issue, Akon seemed more than willing to speak frankly. His belief is that a Super Bowl halftime spot is just too big a stage to pass up. So, on a bilateral level, from a Pro-Black standpoint, it would be wiser "to play ball" with NFL and work internally, rather than go to war with the establishment. Akon breaks it down in two measures: impact, and of utmost importance to him, "the business of it," it being the exposure that comes with the Super Bowl nod.

Akon's opinion is as critically needed as it is contentious, but bear in mind: the tension of opposites makes the World go 'round. One thing to note, Akon's philanthropy is mostly centered on his Pan-African beliefs. Travis Scott, who performs tonight with Maroon 5 in the highly sought-after Halftime slot, has received a fair share of criticism for accepting the NFL's offer. With all that said, what do you make of Akon's two-fold idea? - comment below.