Akon is a proud Black man. The African singer was recently filmed embodying this pride. In a clip shared by Diddy, Akon can be heard talking about his skin tone and how he

The clip opens with a pro-black message.

"Melanin is a great thing. I've studied melanin, I understand it. I understand that all of us having melanin is a blessing, it's not a curse. That's the reason why they promote it as a curse it's because They don't want you to feel like the king that you actually are."

Akon agrees full-heartedly and reveals that he is proactive about keeping his melanin levels high.

"I tan regularly bro. Whenever it's hot. Whenever it's hot, Imma catch at least 30 minutes out that sun."

He jokes about wanting to sustain his status as the blackest berry.

"I can't let nobody Get Darker Than Me. Ask Michael Blackson, Tyrese, all of them. they already know I'm king number 1. "

Diddy Shared the clip in promotion of RevoltTV and the platform's content. The rest of this specific episode of Drink Champs covers a wide range according to Diddy's caption.

"Akon discusses how he went from being locked up to signing Lady Gaga. He talks growing up and being more financially responsible, he shares some advice on investing, and also the economic influence of Africa.⁣⁣⁣"