Last year, in a turn not unlike the one present in the classic video game Bioshock, Akon revealed that he was planning on building an entire city in Senegal. And that was no mere boast. The man has been steadily working on bringing Akon City to life, and damned if it doesn't sound wholly futuristic in nature. A few days ago, the legendary mogul and innovator sat down with Nick Cannon and provided an interesting update on his ambitious endeavor. "People want to become billionaires," reflects Cannon. "But one thing I've heard of artists wanting or even coming close to accomplishment is their own city. You got your own city!" 


Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

"It's all renewable," confirms Akon, prompting Nick Cannon to confirm that no, this is not a Sims Game. "It's going to have a real airport!" laughs Akon. He also confirms the city is being constructed under a ten-year building block. "We doing it in stages," he details. "We started construction in March, and stage two is going to be 2025. It's in Senegal, West Africa." "Your own city?" says Cannon. "Man, that's richer than the billionaires."

Akon explains that the suffering he has seen throughout his travels was what ultimately inspired his decision to help better the world. "The thing I was most excited about was Akoin, my currency for Africa," he explains. And rest assured, that's going to be the dominant currency of Akon City. Clearly, Akon has been making major, arguably unprecedented moves. Even his money moves come equipped with an added dose of innovation. Check out his full conversation below, and keep an eye out for more news on Akon City - would you check that out on a Vacation vibe?