It was a busy Monday (May 31) evening for Akbar V. The rapper and Love & Hip Hop star is often noticed for her outrageous comments regarding her fellow artists and pop culture, but an event that unfolded outside of a nightclub in Philadelphia rolled over into an online drama. Videos surfaced showing Akbar V getting into a verbal—and nearly physical—altercation with Alexis Skyy and Lira Galore. The latter two ladies were out and about hosting an event, and it seemed that Akbar found out about it, showed up at the club, and then became offended when Lira allegedly remarked that Akbar was looking at her funny.

The offline antics spilled into an online spat, and in retaliation, Alexis allegedly told Akbar to take care of her children. In response, Akbar jumped on Instagram Live and said, "B*tch, you got a braindead baby," she yelled, mentioning Skyy's young daughter who was born with Hydrocephalus and went through numerous surgeries to save her life. "Your baby ain't got brain. B*tch, you got a r*tarded child."

Akbar continued to go off about Alexis's daughter and accused the model of doing drugs while pregnant. "You got a f*ckin' r*tarded kid, a special need kid, and you out here talkin' 'bout somebody children." Alexis responded angrily, and tearfully, in a video of her own where she is seen screaming about the situation. 

Later, the father of Alexis's child wrote a lengthy post where he denied that she ever did drugs during her pregnancy. He revealed that he was with her the entire time and there were no drugs noted by doctors or physicians during the child's birth or her hospital visits. Akbar has received backlash for her remarks.

Check it all out below, including a few reactions from the public.