What led up to this confrontation is debatable, but various clips from a scene outside of a Philadelphia nightclub have gone viral. From what can be gathered, Akbar V, Alexis Skyy, and Lira Galore were all at the same club when there was some sort of disagreement. According to Alexis, she and Lira were booked to host an event and Akbar showed up. None of the women had any animosity with each other before they saw one another at the club, it seems, but Alexis said that Akbar began getting hostile without provocation.

In an Instagram Live session, Akbar claimed one of the women complained about Akbar looking at her funny. While this doesn't seem like a reason to go to blows outside of a club, Alexis said on her Instagram Live that that's exactly what happened.

Akbar V, Aleexis Skyy, Lira Galore
Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

"I have way to much going on positive in my life I , We have to pray for people like this," Alexis wrote on her Instagram Story. "You called TC to come out to me and Lira hosting trying to prove a point in Philly ... when that's not your city. We never invited you once again & then you come starting drama for no reason you need some spiritual help & the only person that can help you is God."

Akbar also recently had her Instagram deleted so Alexis added, "Be blessed Akbar someone help her get her IG back." Meanwhile, Akbar tweeted that neither Lira nor Alexis will be safe in Atlanta, but Lira wasn't fazed. "ATLANTA my second home," Lira wrote on her Story. "AND I BE OUTSIDE. Ima TIP TOE WHEREVER I PLEASE . A b*tch can't EVER TELL ME WHERE I CAN'T GO [crying laughing emojis] B*tch PLZ. Ion think y'all know how tf I get DOWN."

Akbar has received backlash for the altercation as people accused her of bullying the two women. Check out the posts, explanations from all sides, and various angles of the altercation.