We're entering week two of 6ix9ine and the Nine Trey Bloods federal guns and racketeering case. Last week was highly eventful with the rapper taking the stand as the government's star witness. People have speculated that he'll have to enter a witness protection program while others, like T.I., will be fine to walk the streets. He's not the only person from the Tr3yway camp to fold, though. In fact, it appears as though the feds had people within his circle that were working to take him and Shotti down.


Akademiks hopped on Twitch where he revealed some behind-the-scenes details before 6ix9ine was arrested. As you know, Ak and 6ix9ine had a very close relationship, and for the most part, he's been keeping a lot of details surrounding 6ix9ine's case under wraps. He revealed that 6ix9ine knew that there were people within his camp working as federal informants, although he didn't mention any names. However, Shotti previously said that CEO Chris and YB, who was the former driver of Tr3ywayas the main informants within their camp.

The Everyday Struggle host also dished out on 6ix9ine's reaction when he found out that there were people in his camp that were working with the FBI. Ak also revealed that someone within 6ix9ine's camp was cooperating with the FBI for months and had the rapper's car rigged with visual and audio recording devices.