After Vic Mensa got aggressive toward Akademiks on "Everyday Struggle," the Manuscript rapper's vendetta has been unrelenting. During his press run for upcoming album The Autobiography, the rapper stopped by Desus & Mero for an interview, in which he fired yet another onslaught of shots in Ak's direction. The biggest one occurred during the "Rainbow" segment, in which Mensa arranged for his rainbow to spell out "Fuck DJ Wackademiks."

However, on this morning's Everyday Struggle Akademiks seemed to be in no mood. When asked a question pertaining to Vic's removal of a diss lyric, Ak had some words in response:

"I gotta be honest. I don't know what's on Vic Mensa's album. I watched his whole promo run ever since he did his interview with us, and his whole promo run has been about his interview with us...What that does tell me, when I see a rapper who has an album coming out do an entire press run about an interview with a blogger, it tells me that they need some free promo...Can I give my man a plug?..Listen, please go get this guy's album. He needs the attention, clearly he's not getting enough."

It would seem like Ak has taken a page out of Eminem's book ("XXL, XXL!"), and he deserves props for standing up for himself on this one. On that note, Vic's album The Autobiography drops tomorrow, so check back for that. Vic talks starts around the five minute mark.