The Game is doing his damndest to cause a ripple of discomfort. We recently heard him reflect on X-rated encounters with Kim Kardashian, as well as his days channeling Tony The Tiger to Kylie Jenner. The song in question, which is slated to arrive on Game's upcoming Born To Rap project, has already been garnering notoriety, with the exposure-happy content likely to ruin many-a-day. As it happens, Akademiks actually heard the song in full, and revealed that Game had a few stories to tell about Joe Budden's fiancee, Cyn Santana. Of course, some of you might remember the Game and Budden's prior animosity, which culminated in a few shots exchanged on wax. 

"I feel that's in poor taste," says Akademiks, in the middle of a Fortnite binge. "I'ma keep it a hundred with you. At first, Wack came to me like 'Ak, I'm giving you a fair warning. The Game on there talking about Joe's girl and your girl.'" Ak claims he doesn't even have a girl, prompting Wack to essentially shrug it off. "He name-checks Joe Budden and Joe Budden's current situation Cyn Santana," continues Ak. "Trust me, the one thing I can tell ya'll. I don't exactly know what space Joe be in. Sometimes I hear him be taking mad shots. I be having all type of good opinions. I'm happy for all the success he's been doing."

Jemal Countess/Getty Images

"It's kinda corny to mention Kim K, she past that, her and Kanye doing some other shit" says Ak. "Even if it's true. That's when they told me, they got video tapes of everybody on that song. Everybody. If anybody deny it, tapes is dropping." For what it's worth, Ak appears visibly disturbed, claiming the whole thing is in "poor taste." "N***as is gettig married, n***as is having kids. If some shit happened ten years ago, why you bringing it up in a song like that? It's kinda distasteful." 

"Who am I to tell The Game what to do?" says Ak. "Game a thug! I just gotta give Joe a heads-up on that...People only recorded the shit about Kim K and Kylie, but I heard it through my was something along the lines like 'I had Cyn Santana ripping the Buddens off my shirt,' something like that. He mentioned both of them." In the end, there's no love lost between Akademiks and Joe, at least on Ak's side. "Joe's been a really good person to me," he says. "It is what it is. I'm about to text him now, just so he know."