The trial of Tekashi 6ix9ine  continues to be a major hip-hop talking point. Naturally, the recently-returned Everyday Struggle crew weren't about to let that one go unanalyzed. Upon Nadeska listing off the "greatest hits" of the 6ix9ine trial fallout, Wayno remains unimpressed to a comedic level. "I'm done being mad over this whole 6ix9ine  shit," he comments. "He's manipulative, he's clever, but he's also a fucking bozo. He's a fucking clown yo. I have so many things to say about him. I don't know if I want to share everything. He used everything to his advantage to disadvantage everyone else."

"I'm not gon' front, I went through every Akademiks video he ever did about 6ix9ine," continues Wayno. Upon discovering that his co-host was, in fact, counseling the rainbow wonder to chill, Wayno was able to take some solace in that. Still, he brands 6ix9ine as "the worst fucking type of person." The reason being that he once used his "gang shit" as a marketing point, only to jump ship once pressed to the fire. "Shotti might have did some fucked up shit but he was riding for that dude," says Wayno. "I think the biggest problem with all of this is none of them was businesspeople. They was robbers."

Bob Levey/Getty Images

Akademiks, a friend of 6ix9ine, takes a moment to ponder the future. "The only silver lining is that it's going to be funny and interesting when he does come out, how he plays that," says Ak. "I don't think the fans give a fuck." Ak also breaks down how the majority of hip-hop fans, at least in the mainstream, are far removed from the hood environment. Thus, they might not be so quick to value such qualities as street credibility, honor, and the unspoken code.

Still, Ak feels that 6ix9ine still has a lane, particularly where Instagram is concerned. "He might not be agitating," he continues. "He still has to be charismatic and funny because they miss that, but telling people to suck his dick..." Wayno remains displeased. "I don't give a fuck about no fans. We all see he attached himself to something bigger than him. He brought that down...There's people whose name he threw into that shit, whose kids won't see them for ten years." Eventually, Wayno's frustration bubbles into some straight-up vitriol: "Fuck his career, fuck his music, fuck him, fuck everything he is."

Check out the full discussion, which evolves into a debate of sorts, via Everyday Struggle below.