"The majority of people in hip hop, we always say 'who listens to Logic?'" says Akademiks. "Yet his fanbase is huge." 

On the latest episode of Everyday Struggle, Akademiks & Joe Budden break down Logic's latest album Everybody. When Joe Budden presses on why people in the hip-hip community don't listen to Logic, Akademiks cites a lack of relatable content. "He's rapping about the struggle of being biracial, and rapping about the struggle of that growing up." 

Joe is quick to say the production is beautiful, and that Logic can "rap really well." Still, Budden is reluctant to get on board with the subject matter, referring to the outro of "Mos Definitely" as cringeworthy. "Logic can rap, Logic clearly makes good music," says Joe, "the content though, for me, is a bit confusing...It's very bubble gum, it's very cookie-cutter." 

Joe Budden also takes umbrage with Logic using the n-word, saying people only know Logic is black because he makes it a point to reference it all the time. "When Eminem came out I heard him mention the fact that he was white one time, maybe...here I have a whole album of somebody telling me the struggle of being black and white." 

Akademiks' main critique is that he doesn't believe Logic "owns the style of rap that he does...It almost feels like sometimes he's doin' a rendition of Kendrick, Cole."

The discussion goes into deeper detail, so check out the full episode below. As far as Logic's place in the game, what do you think?