Akademiks and Freddie Gibbs' recent back-and-forth on social media is probably as hilarious as any hip-hop-related beef can get in 2020. Though the tension first began when Akademiks claimed Gibbs was a hypocrite, things simmered down for a bit before picking back up on yesterday's episode of Everyday Struggle. After Gibbs slammed Akademiks for calling him irrelevant, Ak went on a full-blown drunken tirade on Twitch that included calls to his BFFL Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Though Gibbs isn't letting his foot off of Ak's neck, the media personality addressed last night's kerfuffle on the latest episode of Everyday Struggle. Off the top, he explained that his opinion on Gibbs' relevancy is rooted in the fact that he's a "numbers guy," though he seemingly tried to downplay the tone in which he delivered his comments last night. "I'm passionate, Wayno. I may have screamed a little bit. I may have said it authoritatively," Akademiks said after his co-host pressed him about what he said.

"I would definitely not let a rapper selling 30,000 think he can flex on me. Sorry, buddy. I've been working in this game for too long," Ak said in regards to Gibbs' numbers. 

Mind you, this was recorded before Gibbs decided to immortalize the Akademiks Teletubbies meme on a shirt. Nonetheless, Akademiks admitted that he and Gibbs are petty and would likely make a great pairing for a podcast. "Y'all acting like I'm bullying. Look, you can't bully a n***a like Freddie Gibbs. Freddie Gibbs is me in rapper terms. I just wished he was a little bit more successful," Ak added.

Peep the clip below