Beast Coast is back, holding it down for those seeking the fire. If you aren't aware, AK The Savior has emerged to deliver a solo project unto us. The album, titled Second 2 None, is still trapped in the eternal realm of "coming soon," though seems all but destined for a summer release. Now, AK has taken to Instagram and Twitter to share the project's tracklist, which features appearances from Buccs Havenots, Billy B, Peewee, and Mello. Sadly, no sign of Issa Gold, who seems content to let his lyrical partner in crime take center stage.

AK also gave a special shout out to Wakas "Giani" Ghani, Peewee, KStar, Vohn, Molefi and Jaime. No doubt, the album should be a welcome dose of New York lyricism for those having Flatbush Zombies withdrawal. Peep the tracklist and back-cover below, and sound off. Are ya'll hyped for this one? Renaissance was among 2017's more slept on cuts; perhaps it's time for re-visitation.

1. Lazarus
2. Chanel Freestyle ft. Buccs Havenots
3. Paperplanes
4. Sensei
5. Test Me ft. Billy B
6. No Challenge
7. No Mercy
8. Be Humble
9. Medulla
10. Love
11. Catch Me If You Can
12. Fucc Clout ft. Peewee
13. Soul Makes ft Mello
14. Fallenxoutro (bonus track)