It's a sad reality but the Coronavirus has put a stop to many events that people were looking forward to. First and foremost, pretty well every single music festival was canceled this year, which means numerous artists will miss out on revenue that they rely on. Not to mention, the fans miss out on experiences of a lifetime. Various other events have been canceled, including Jordan Brand's infamous streetball tournament in France called Quai 54. Despite this unfortunate cancelation, Jumpman is still producing sneakers that go with the event and in 2020, they decided to drop two colorways of the Air Jordan 6.

The second colorway features a beige upper with some purple side panels that contain an intricate pattern that matches up pretty well with various other Quai 54 colorways. This is a unique colorway as far as Quai 54 colorways go and if you're someone who likes to indiscriminately add to their collection on a constant basis, these are a no brainer.

As far as the release date is concerned, these will be dropping on Saturday, August 8th. Let us know in the comments below what you think of this colorway and whether or not it's something you would consider purchasing.