Of all the Air Jordan 13 colorways that have come out over the years, the "Flint" model seems to be the standout pair. These debuted back in 1998 and are one of the most iconic Jordans out there. The OG model came with a very specific mix of materials and fans have been waiting on the shoe to come back in its OG form. 

Just last week, we reported that the shoe would see an OG re-release next year and that it would be coming out on May 2nd. The blue, white, and silver sneaker immediately got positive comments on this very website which just speaks to how long people have been waiting for this release. In a recent tweet from DJ Folk, the sneakerhead and accomplished DJ revealed that the shoe would be coming even sooner than we all thought. Instead of May 2nd, the shoe is now being slotted in for Saturday, April 18th of 2020. The shoe will cost $190 USD and will be coming in all of its 3M glory.

This will certainly be one of the biggest drops of 2020 so stay tuned for all of the latest updates as we will be sure to bring them to you.