Afrojack Feat. Snoop Dogg "Dynamite" Video

Trevor Smith
July 04, 2014 14:52

Afrojack links up with Snoop Dogg on "Dynamite".

"Turn Down 4 What" is one of the more surprising hits of the summer. Simultaneously establishing EDM's trap-leanings as Billboard-friendly (though Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" had tested the waters first), and reintroducing Lil Jon to the party circuit.

Since then, we've heard some songs looking for the same type of validation, Afrojack's new collaboration with Snoop Dogg, "Dynamite" being one of them.

The song's drop definitely brings a similar feel to the DJ Snake offering, with Snoop even reprising the Lil Jon's immortal catchphrase in the latter half. Elsewhere though, we get some trance-like instances, and some more verse-like rapping.

Let's just say, we'll be seeing more and more of this style in the near future.

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