Kanye isn't the only one in America's premier celebrity family to endorse Trump. In fact, Caitlyn Jenner will be supporting him at tomorrow's inauguration. Bruce Jenner was a well-known Republican, so the news shouldn't be too surprising, but now that she identifies as a transgender woman, Caitlyn's support of Trump hasn't been received well among the LGBT community. 

As for Trump's people, some of them might see Jenner's presence at the inauguration as an opportunity to persuade the LGBT faction to see their leader in a more amicable way. One adviser even thinks Trump and Jenner should share a dance at the inauguration party on Friday night. "It's a brilliant idea," an unnamed member of Trump's administration told PageSix

Trump and Jenner seem to be friends, so a friendly dance shouldn't be out of the question. In April, Jenner posted a Facebook video of her entering a women's bathroom in the Trump Tower, noting that the president-elect had personally told her she could use whatever bathroom she liked in any Trump-owned facility. 

Another Republican also told PageSix that he thinks a photograph of a dance between Trump and Jenner would be a good PR move for the GOP. “The image of Trump dancing with Caitlyn would send a strong message that he supports gay rights and trans rights,” said the Republican. “A picture is worth a thousand tweets.” 

With just a day to go before the inaugural celebration, though, it is unlikely that such a dance will come to fruition. "I can't deal in hypotheticals and have no idea what Trump aids hope happens," a rep for Jenner told PEOPLE, before adding, "Of course, real question is if they danced, who would lead?" Considering Trump's ego, one would think he would want to have control, though Jenner's no docile lady. Think we'll see these two polarizing figures meet on the dancefloor tomorrow evening?