There are some changes being made on Adult Swim and fans are not happy. The network is known for its adult animations that feature mature and risqué content, but it's being reported that Adult Swim has folded due to pressure over a few of their series. Deadline states that episodes from The Boondocks and Aqua Teen Hunger Force have been yanked from the network after they were deemed to be problematic.

The space invaders from Aqua Teen Hunger Force reportedly reinforced Black stereotypes on their "Shake Like Me" episode, while The Boondocks's "The Story of Jimmy Rebel" got the ax. The Boondocks has been a cultural staple that attacks controversial and scandalous topics that pervade the Black community, so many can't seem to understand how the series can be deemed as troublesome.

“When Adult Swim transitions series to a new platform we determine what episodes are selected through creative and cultural filters and our standards and practices policies. Oftentimes these decisions are made in collaboration with the show’s creator,” a rep for Adult Swim said.

Throughout the year, as protests have called for changes to made in various industries, streaming services and networks have announced amendments to episode lineups including for shows like The Office, Community, Scrubs, and 30 Rock.