Adrien Broner started late and had a single scorecard overturned by a majority draw decision. The result of a 'draw' may not be what Broner had in mind, career wise, but in a sense it does provide him a much needed lifeline. If he had lost, it's quite possibly that his days as a main event draw would be cast aside. In his bout against Jessie Vargas he started late, and has himself and himself to blame for the clouded judgement of the ringside officials.

A sense of maturity is something Broner has lacked in his career to date. The rigor to stay foccused, to administer a game plan, all seem impossible tasks for the near-sighted boxer. Leading up to Saturday's bout with Jessie Vargas, Broner engaged in a well-conceived publicity stunt with Tekashi 6ix9ine, the result of which produced good ticket sales at the gate. 

After 12 inspired but inconclusive rounds of action, neither boxer's hand was raised in victory. Broner wasted no time in voicing his outrage. He tried to steal the mic from Showtime’s Jim Gray. When Vargas attempted to be the voice of reason, Broner quickly brought things to a distasteful place by dragging race and ethnicity into the conversation. "Let’s go to my town,” Broner said in reference to the crowd. "I want to fight him where I’m from. These hella Mexicans in here booing me and s***."

Scores were 115-113 Broner, and two cards of 114-114 for the majority draw. If you saw the fight, who did you have on the night?