There are people sliding in and out of DMs every single day, but Adrien Broner isn't supportive of everyone shooting their shots in his private messages. Do you remember Andrew Caldwell? He was the man who went viral after a video of Caldwell was reposted hundreds of thousands of times. In the clip, Caldwell was at church and claimed that he was "delivered," saying he was no longer gay. He went on to say he wouldn't carry a purse or wear makeup and the hilarious video captured the attention of the world. Caldwell became known as the "Delivert" guy, and another meme was born.

Since then, Caldwell has remained in the spotlight due to his antics. He's gone back and forth with claiming to be gay and claiming to be straight while also parading around women who he says are his girlfriends. However, days later Caldwell may call out a male celebrity and say that he's on the down low. While the internet continues to make Caldwell the topic of conversation, Adrien Broner jumped on Instagram to call Caldwell out for sliding in his DMs.

"A @andrew_c_caldwell if you don't get out of my inbox before I punch the testosterone out yo gay ass!" The boxer captioned the text photo by writing, "These n****s bold as f**k! I guess I don’t do enough gangsta s**t no more smh for respect you got to shoot a n***a get a n***a shot every week..... #FuckOutOfHERE"

Caldwell wasn't about to let Broner's comments slide, so he took to his Instagram to say that he has "receipts" on the boxer while sharing a screenshot that shows Broner blocked him. "I will Pull them receipts 🧾 man text messages and Inbox don’t make me call my lawyer. Stop lying to your fans Your losing potential endorsements bc of your mouth. #Homegirl" 

Broner got on Instagram Live to joke about the situation with his friends, asking them, "Do I have gay tendencies or something?" As they all laugh, Broner said, "I thought he was 'delivert'...Why would that man come at me like, 'Hey man.' Man, get the f**k out my inbox. Block yo dumb ass."