Adrien Broner, the 28-year-old boxer who held the WBA light welterweight title from 2015 to 2016, had a night in Las Vegas that he'd like to soon forget.

According to a report form TMZ, the professional fighter got himself into a couple of skirmishes on the Strip, with video evidence surfacing of him shoving a woman and outright KO'ing another man. At the beginning of the clip, which is made up of smartphone camera footage, Broner is seen taking a few selfies with a bunch fo fans before abruptly cutting to an altercation that was in progress between him and a woman. It's not entirely obvious what Broner and this woman are in such vehement disagreement about in the video, but when she does try to calm or restrain him, he’s seen shoving her several times, all while other bystanders look on in shock.

The story from the footage goes from bad to worse when, despite the grainy video quality, a man finds himself on the receiving end of a powerful punch from Broner, the sound of which is clearly audible over the background noise emanating from the Vegas strip. After the punch was landed, the woman with whom Broner had previously had that heated (and physical) exchange is heard screaming, "Oh no" before attempting to restrain the boxer again. Meanwhile, the man who got punched lies motionless on the ground, while others who witnessed the incident go through the process of identifying  Broner to nearby security personnel. It's not clear is any part of this outburst led to an arrest for the athelete.

TMZ was not able to made the distinction as to if Broner knew the man he ended up punching, or if he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. As for the outcome of the violence, security supposedly let Broner go, with no further clarification or comment from the boxer's camp coming in the wake of the video's leak online. This isn't the first time Broner's non-boxing activities have made headlines for the wrong reasons. He’s previously faced an open warrant for public intoxication and disorderly conduct back in 2014. Other charges of domestic violence, intimidating a witness and robbery were also on his rap sheet at one point, but have since been dismissed.