Adrien Broner has had himself a truly bizarre boxing career. When he first started out, some were hailing Broner as the next Floyd Mayweather while others thought he could be a legendary fighter. His antics and lack of work ethic have turned him into a bit of a has-been and over the past couple of years, he has been fed a steady diet of Ls. When it comes to his personal life, it appears as though he has hit yet another snag. According to TMZ, Broner now owes close to $830,000 to his alleged assault victim, Katherine Larson.

Larson claims Broner assaulted her at a Cleveland night club back in 2018. In a statement to police, she says Broner climbed on her and started kissing her without consent. During the early stages of 2019, Broner pled guilty to the accusations although he refused to defend himself in Larson's lawsuit against him.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The judge was very clear in their ruling stating "by clear and convincing evidence that [Broner] acted maliciously and that a substantial punitive award is necessary to punish and deter him from engaging in similar conduct in the future."

Broner has yet to react to the judgment and it remains to be seen whether he will actually pay up.