Adrien Broner is in seemingly endless legal trouble. The successful boxer is currently out on bail for a robbery charge in Ohio, but is simultaneously behind bars for the next 9 days because of a parole violation, TMZ reports.

A bit of backstory here. Back in July of 2015 Broner was sentenced to 6 months probation for a reckless driving charge that was reduced from a DUI arrest. Part of that sentence was a 30 day jail stint that ended up being “suspended,” contingent on Adrien Broner’s good behavior. Apparently, his behavior wasn’t good enough because Broner got popped for a parole violation in November of 2015.

The boxer finally appeared in court yesterday to plead guilty and begin his 10 day sentence in Hamilton County, Ohio. This shouldn’t affect his recent “not guilty” plea in his violent robbery case, but it definitely doesn’t help his story. Adrien is reportedly pretty bored already, because he's asking for people to write him letters in jail. Send him some HNHH comment section-worthy trolling, his address is below.

Adrien Broner
Hamilton County Justice Center
900 Sycamore St., Cincinnati, OH 45202