Manny Pacquiao and Adrien Broner both fought back on January 19th and it wasn't even close. Pacquiao won the fight with ease, while Broner became a laughing stock on social media for the next few days as he kept insisting in the post-fight interview that he had beat Pacquiao and that he had dominated the entire fight. Pacquiao has since moved on from the fight and is focusing on what's next for him, while Broner is still boasting about how he should have won. TMZ caught up with Broner at LAX, and Broner said that he feels as though he ended Pacquiao's career.

"Well, they say I detached his retina, so I don't know if he gonna box again. I hope so though," Broner said when asked if he would be interested in a rematch. Pacquiao's camp has since said the fighter has a scratched cornea which is a much less severe injury.

In the interview with TMZ, Broner also spoke about his upcoming trip to Atlanta where he plans to bet $100,000 on the Patriots. He said he'll be going to plenty of strip clubs and doing a lot of spending while in ATL.

He's pretty confident that the Patriots will win, but did acknowledge the fact that the Rams are no joke.